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General Dentistry

he mainstay of any dental practice is the check-up appointment on a regular basis. Patients ideally should have these check-ups done before pain or problems arise ...

Oral Hygiene

Correct oral hygiene (OH) habits are the cornerstone of a patient’s pathway to good oral health. Good OH ensures healthy teeth AND gums...

Endodontic Treatment

Otherwise known as root canal therapy, the aim of endodontic treatment is to remove the pulp (which is the soft tissue inside the tooth which contains the...

Ceramic Restorations


As a general rule we adopt a conservative approach when restoring lost tooth structure, using a minimal tooth preparation technique so as to retain...

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Minor Oral Surgery

Unfortunately extractions or tooth removals are still with us, and it is a procedure that is necessary from time to time. With the excellent local...


Removable partial dentures are often indicated for short-term use to allow healing to take place after tooth extractions before a permanent...

Teeth Whitening

Of all the options available to improve a patient’s appearance and aesthetics teeth whitening is most probably the easiest and least invasive...

Laser Dental Therapy

Of the many advances in dental equipment and treatment modalities that we can offer our patients now, laser therapy is surely one of the most...

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